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WorldPoint® CPR Instructor Kit

WorldPoint® CPR Instructor Kit

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A convenient and affordable pack containing all the basic equipment needed to teach CPR courses!

Represent the real-world diversity in your community with realistic and inclusive CPR manikins!

Perfect for new CPR instructors, this convenient and affordable pack contains all the basic equipment you need to teach realistic and inclusive CPR courses!


  • WorldPoint Products® CPR Taylor® - Diversity Pack - 4 Pack, #11-223
  • WorldPoint Products® Baby Tyler® - Diversity Pack - 4 Pack, #11-224
  • WNL Infant Practi-Mask® - 10 Pack, #20-122
  • WNL Adult/Child Practi-Mask® with Valves - 10 Pack, #20-138
  • WNL AED Practi-TRAINER® Essentials - 4 Pack, #30-216

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Safety Gloves


Enhanced dexterity
Ease of donning while dry
Ease of donning while wet
Increased durability
Flexible when dry
Flexible when wet
Form fitting

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Hero Wipes

Hero Wipes

Safe. Effective. No-Nonsense. These are the original decontamination wipes, specially formulated and proven to remove up to 99% of harmful carcinogens from firefighters’ skin.

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Safety Glasses

MX200 Safety Glasses

Introducing the foundation of HexArmor® eyewear, the MX200 with permanent anti-fog coatings. Featuring a wraparound lens design that delivers maximum protection, the MX200 has a durable frame with a soft, low-pressure grip thanks to HexArmor’s unique dual injection technology.

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