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Medical and equipment bags are specialized bags or cases that are designed to hold and transport the various pieces of medical equipment and gear that first responders use on the job. These bags are typically made from durable materials such as nylon or canvas and are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of an emergency scene. Medical and equipment bags can be used to store and transport everything from first aid supplies and oxygen tanks to hand tools and other equipment. They are an essential piece of equipment for first responders, as they allow them to easily transport their gear to and from the station and the emergency scene. Medical and equipment bags also help to keep first responders' equipment organized and easily accessible, which can be especially important in emergency situations. In addition to holding medical and other equipment, these bags may also have additional compartments or pockets for storing personal items or documents. These bags are often designed to be worn on the back, or shoulder, or carried by hand, depending on the size and weight of the equipment being carried.

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The inventor of SureCan was a guy that HATED using standard gas cans! As a general contractor, cabinet maker, and outdoor enthusiast he spent a lot of his time filling gas powered machines and constantly spilling all over his expensive equipment. 

​He thought, there must be a better way....

Introducing SureCan!

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Kemp USA Hip Pack With GUARD Logo And Lifeguard Essentials Supply Pack (S2)

Kemp USA

Over the years Kemp USA has held firm to its business model as a wholesale manufacturer and supplier of high quality emergency goods and safety products. We realize that not everyone can or should be a “jack of all trades”. At Kemp USA we strive to go above and beyond on the part that we are good at; product development, manufacturing, and supplying the industry. We leave the selling and distribution to our approved dealers.

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