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Firefighting monitors are specialized pieces of equipment used by firefighters to deliver large amounts of water or other fire suppressant materials to the site of a fire. They are typically mounted on fire trucks or other vehicles and can be operated manually or remotely. Monitors come in a variety of sizes and designs, and can be used to spray water in a concentrated stream or in a wide, misting pattern. They are an important tool in the firefighting arsenal, and are often used in conjunction with hoses and other firefighting equipment to help extinguish fires quickly and efficiently.
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SureCan, Inc

The inventor of SureCan was a guy that HATED using standard gas cans! As a general contractor, cabinet maker, and outdoor enthusiast he spent a lot of his time filling gas powered machines and constantly spilling all over his expensive equipment. 

​He thought, there must be a better way....

Introducing SureCan!

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Kemp USA Hip Pack With GUARD Logo And Lifeguard Essentials Supply Pack (S2)

Kemp USA

Over the years Kemp USA has held firm to its business model as a wholesale manufacturer and supplier of high quality emergency goods and safety products. We realize that not everyone can or should be a “jack of all trades”. At Kemp USA we strive to go above and beyond on the part that we are good at; product development, manufacturing, and supplying the industry. We leave the selling and distribution to our approved dealers.

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