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BullDog Hose

Ultima Attack Hose

Ultima Attack Hose

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Ultima™ is a durable, double-jacketed hose constructed with staple polyester, both warp and filler, and lined with a high-tech EPDM tube. Its design guarantees minimum weight with maximum durability and packability with minimal friction loss. This agility makes it useful for versatile firefighting techniques in a variety of environments, and its durability enables long-lasting use with minimal maintenance required.

The standard color for Ultima Hose is white. Other colors available with our innovative Armour Jacket abrasion-resistant coatings are red, yellow, orange, black, blue, green and tan. From its adaptable uses on the scene to the range of customizable coating colors, this attack fire hose adapts to your department’s needs at every stage.

Lead time for hose manufacturing is 14 to 16 weeks

Comes in 25', 50,' 75', and 100' Lengths

We Are Proud To Offer Top-Quality
Firefighting and EMS Supplies Nationwide

Downloadable Documents:

Ultima Flyer

10-Year Warranty

Size (inch/mm) Pressure Bowl Size (inch) Weight (50'/15M) (lbs/kg) Coil Diameter (50'/15M) (inch/mm)
Service (psi/kpa) Proof (psi/kpa) Burst (psi/kpa)
1-1/2 / 38 400/2800 800/5600 1200/8400 1-15/16 13/5.9 18/457
1-3/4 / 45 400/2800 800/5600 1200/8400 2=1/8 15/6.8 18/457
2/50 400/2800 800/5600 1200/8400 2-2/5 17/7.7 19/483
2-1/2 / 65 400/2800 800/5600 1200/8400 3 22/10.0 21/533
3/75 400/2800 800/5600 1200/8400 3-1/2 29/13.2 21/533
Technical Data
Outer Polyester staple & filament yarn
Outer Hose Treatment Armour Jacket™
Liner EPDM
Inner Hose Reinforcement Polyester staple & filament yarn
Lengths 50' and 100'
Lengths Uncoupled Expansion ring threaded
Temperature Range -40º F to +112º F
Approvals ULC Listed (1-1/2", 1-3/4", 2-1/2")
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