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The Turn Out Gear Strap

The Turn Out Gear Strap

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The Turn Out Gear Strap is an adjustable strap designed to transport or store your turn-out gear.  The strap encompasses your boots and bunker pants with your coat lying across the top.  The adjustable strap allows you to cinch up your bunker gear in one bundle.  Four carabineers allow you to attach your helmet, tools and a SCBA mask storage bag to the Turn Out Gear Strap.  An adjustable, removable shoulder strap is also included.  A Nexus 2” adjustable side release buckle allows you to quickly release and remove the strap when your gear is needed.  The open-air design allows your gear to dry quickly.  The Turn Out Gear Strap is also equipped with a molded rubber carrying handle sewn to the top for easy transport.  Constructed of 2” polypropylene webbing, with all stress points box “X” stitched and reinforced with Dacron thread makes the Turn Out Gear Strap is extremely durable for many years of dependable service. 

Color: Red and Black. 
Wt. 18oz.

Directions for use:

  1. Lay the black bootstrap on the flat surface in front of you.
  2. Center the arch of your boots on the middle of the black strap
  3.  Lay your coat between your boots.
  4.  Lay the red strap on top of the coat and insert the ends through the boot loop.
  5.  Connect the Nexus buckles together
  6.  Adjust the side straps so it is tight around your gear.  Once you find the proper tension, no further adjustment should be necessary.
  7. Attach your helmet and desired equipment to the carabineers. 

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