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Safer Straps

Black Tactical Bio Belt / Custom Buckle 1.5 Width

Black Tactical Bio Belt / Custom Buckle 1.5 Width

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If you have a Custom Belt Buckle and want to upgrade to the Safer Strap Belt, then look no further!

This unit comes with all stainless hardware. We recommend that if you are intending to permanently dedicate this belt to your custom buckle, you should use a thread-locking compound on the Chicago Screws utilized to secure your buckle.

The fully encapsulated convenience of the Safer Strap Bio Belt stops absorption at the source with its high-strength flat webbing and full TPU-coated all-sealed surface. The Bio Belt allows the first responder to wear it with confidence and know that after every exposure, the station belt they rely on shift after shift can be truly decontaminated and immediately returned back to active service.

For confidence, you can count and a superior sanitary solution. Armor yourself with the Safer Strap Bio Belt today.

Limitations of Use

Firefighting is a hazardous occupation. Structural firefighting equipment and accessories have limitations. Saferstraps products do not protect the user from radiological or direct flame hazards. Saferstraps products are not rescuing harnesses and should not be used in this fashion. Avoid direct contact with flame or molten metals.

Temperature, the amount of contact time, cuts, tears, or physical wear that damages the Strap and accessories or exposure to certain chemicals can all influence the strap's ability to be resistant to hazards.

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