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Special Operations Gas Power Blower

Special Operations Gas Power Blower

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Special Operations Power BlowersTM are the perfect choice for departments who often ventilate large, complex and/or multi-story structures (>5005.21 sq.ft.) and stairwells. Allows for distanced set-back over 9.84 ft. but requires at least 6.88 ft. to achieve positive pressure ventilation. Available in gas (Honda® GX engine) or electric (GFCI compatible, variable speed) driven models.

  • The Special Operations (SP) Power Blower™ uses a uniquely designed grill and shroud to produce a narrow, high pressure air pattern called Laminar Air Flow. Fires in large, complex structures as well as multi-level structures build high back pressures inside the building. This high pressure air pattern is capable of overcoming these back pressures resulting in uninhibited ventilation. This allows for a distanced set-back reducing fan noise heard inside the structure.
  • Uniquely designed impellers deliver maximum air volume (CFM), velocity and pressure from each Tempest Power Blower™. Every size and type of fan features a blade designed specifically for it to deliver the greatest performance possible. Composite blades are much safer than traditional metal blades as they are designed to disintegrate upon impact of any foreign objects. Metal blades may fragment when integrity is compromised, potentially causing severe injury.
  • Every bend and cross brace weld is structurally engineered to increase the blower frame’s strength to weight ratio by as much as 30%. Welds eliminate the need to continuously maintain/tighten nuts and bolts. Its roll cage design gives protection to all angles and sides of the shroud and motor.
  • No levers to set or knobs to tighten when setting the angle for PPV/PPA. Foot operated adjustment is quick, easy and secure. Allows for up to 5 (4 on 16” models) tilt positions: -5°, 0°, +5°, +10°, +15°.
  • The SP positive pressure ventilation fans are powered by the tried and true Honda® name. Using two of their most reliable small engines, the GX200 and GX270, paired with Tempest’s signature quality fan designs, these units are built to last. At 5.5 and 8.5 HP, the GX series motors are also equipped to deliver the performance and CFM you’d expect from the Tempest name.
  • Cone Air Flow fan placement has always been 1.2 to 1.8 m from the doorway. The SP fan is most effective at a set-back of 8.86 to 10.8 m using Laminar Air Flow, allowing improved personnel access. The new shroud and grille design makes high performance at this distance possible. SP units require at least a 6.9 m set back to achieve effective positive pressure ventilation.
  • The exclusive full width handle design makes pushing or pulling a positive pressure ventilation fan to and from the ventilation site quick and easy. The handle quickly swings up to a comfortable height and automatically locks firmly into position. Unlatch and easily fold the handle down for storage at the PPV fan’s listed dimensions.
  • No levers to set or knobs to tighten when setting the angle for PPV/PPA. Foot operated adjustment is quick, easy and secure. Allows for up to 6 tilt positions: -10°, -5°, 0°, +5°, +10°, +15°.
  • The rear wheel design improves the PPV fan balance while it is rolling, keeping the shroud from touching the ground and making deployment easy across snow, heavy mud or rough, uneven terrain. This design also allows for rapid blower direction adjustment saving time and improving safety. Tempest blowers have no need for wheel brakes. This in turn removes the chance for forgetting to set/release the brakes.
  • Features a large section of durable, reflective material to dramatically increase visibility of the blower from front view and a full list of instructions on the back to allow for safe and effective use.

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