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BullDog Hose

Red/Yellow Chief Attack Hose

Red/Yellow Chief Attack Hose

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BullDog’s exclusive heavy-rib outer cover combines with a unique nitrile-PVC rubber, through-the-weave construction to provide the backbone of excellent hose performance in Red Chief® and Yellow Chief®. The heavy-rib construction protects your water supply with high resistance to cuts, punctures and abrasion. Compact and kink resistant, lightweight and easily maneuverable, Red Chief and Yellow Chief are ideally suited to meet the specifications and tough demands of most municipal fire departments. With a proof pressure of 600 PSI (4200 kPa) and a tolerance for heat and cold, these hoses maintain peak performance in any season or environment, withstanding temperatures from -36º F to 158º F (-37º C to 70º C).

Red Chief/Yellow Chief hose is virtually maintenance-free and requires no drying after use. With these powerful hoses, you save time and money, since less backup hose is needed. Red Chief and Yellow Chief are in a class by themselves — clearly superior to traditional attack lines and compliant to the NFPA 1961 standard.

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Downloadable Documents:

Red/Yellow Chief Attack Hose Flyer

10-Year Warranty

Red/Yellow Chief® Specifications:
Size Pressure Bowl Size Weight (100'/30M) Coil Diameter (100'/30M)
Service Proof Burst
inch mm psi kpa psi kpa psi kpa inch lbs kg inch mm
1-1/2 38 300 2,068 600 4,137 900 6,205 1-13/16 14 6.4 14.75 375
1-3/4 44 300 2,068 600 4,137 900 6,205 2-1/16 18 8.2 14.75 375
2 51 300 2,068 600 4,137 900 6,205 2-5/16 22 10.0 16 406
2-1/2 64 300 2,068 600 4,137 900 6,205 2-7/8 26 11.8 16.5 419
3 76 300 2,068 600 4,137 900 6,205 3-13/32 30 13.6 16.5 419
Technical Data

Inner Hose Cover & Liner

Nitrile/PVC Rubber
Inner Hose Reinforcement 100% synthetic circular woven
Lengths 50’, 75’, 100’ coupled
Lengths Uncoupled Up to 660’ (201 m)
Factory Installed Couplings Per Customer Requirement
Temperature Range -36º F to 158º F (-37º C to 70º C)

UL Listed, FM Approved (1-1/2", 2-1/2" Red Chief Only), ULC Listed (1-1/2", 1-3/4", 2-1/2")

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