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Fire Cam

Oncall V2 Dash Camera

Oncall V2 Dash Camera

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Protect your fire department from potential liability by adding an onboard Oncall V2 HD Dashboard Camera Kit to fire engines, chief vehicles, or other response units. The Oncall V2 Dash Camera is mounted to a vehicle’s dashboard or windshield and will start recording the view as seen by the driver on vehicle start-up. The Oncall V2 Dash Camera can record in QHD (2k) resolution and has a built-in microphone for clear audio and video with 64GB of internal storage. This camera will hold up to the high internal temperatures vehicles can reach in the hot summer months. The LCD screen allows access to change settings and view video files on the go as needed. The HD dashboard camera kit includes camera, suction cup, camera connector and adapter, car charger with extra long cable, A/C charger, standard USB cable and two clips for use as a body worn camera.

QHD Camera
The Oncall V2 Dash Camera features QHD (2K) resolution. It has the capability of up to 30MP and it also has night vision. This will ensure that moments captured are clear and visible for an accurate record of events. Having high-definition footage is important because sometimes the small details really matter, and if you have something that comes up blurry or out of focus in the video, it might be all the difference in proving or disproving a claim made by any given party.

Battery Life
The battery life can last up to 10 hours. This covers the length of a normal shift so it is capable of recording everything that may happen during that time. Consistency is critical to an uninterrupted video feed. Having a battery life less than this can cause issues if it needs to be charged or replaced during an incident, and valuable video evidence could go unrecorded. It is highly recommended to get the longest battery life that is feasible, lest you find yourself in an unfortunate situation with a dead camera.

The built-in pre-record function lets you capture footage even before you start recording. There are occasions in which this is very useful, as something important may have happened just prior to the recording being started. This is useful for the reason that you might need to offer assistance first when you realize your camera is not on. It would not do well to waste time turning the camera on when you could be offering assistance first, so assist and then turn on the camera, content with the fact that the camera will have captured the moments leading up to being turned on.

The Oncall V2 Dash Camera is rated with IP66 waterproofing. This is important to keep the camera functioning properly in the event of accidental spills of liquids. As we go about our days, lots of stuff can happen. A drink spills, or maybe it starts raining all of a sudden. These situations pose a danger to electronics, so waterproofing is just a simple extra feature to make sure your equipment is not damaged or destroyed.

Compact & Light
With a fairly light weight at between 130g and 179g, this camera weighs substantially less than a regular mobile phone nowadays so it might even go unnoticed. The size is also very small, around the size of a standard deck of cards. Having bulky, unwieldy equipment can affect a person’s mobility and range of motion, so the more compact an object like this, the better. It also lowers the rise of the camera bumping into anything else as the officer is moving.

The security method used in this camera is protected with gold standard encryption, ensuring that your data is secure and unavailable to unauthorized parties. Impeccable security is crucial in recording events like this. It can be disastrous to have recordings tampered with or accessed by inappropriate persons.

Night Mode
Low-light situations are vital to be recorded properly, and the night mode feature of this camera ensures just that. The 140 degree lens is able to perform well in dark atmospheres. For nighttime situations, having a night vision camera will make sure that any events in the dark are properly captured.


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