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Multi-functional Water/Foam Nozzle Twin Action

Multi-functional Water/Foam Nozzle Twin Action

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TWIN-ACTION FiberTech is a PN16 multifunctional water/foam nozzle. TWIN-ACTION nozzle incorporates a low expansion foam generator (10). No need to be equipped with a bulky removable foam adapter. The ability to vary the flow rate (0 or 65 gpm) and the expansion, gives it superb versatility. Its high-visibility foam head and its FiberTech body allow it to be the lightest water/foam nozzle on the market with only 2.2 lbs.

Available US NH thread and also Canadian NPSH thread

TWIN-ACTION FiberTech nozzle is an adjustable flow rate nozzle with an integrated foam generator.

Flow rate and jet patterns are adjusted by rotating the head selector ring. Turning the head selector ring anticlockwise gradually, first, it moves from the fully closed position to the 20 gpm straight jet position, then to 20 gpm attack jet (20°), then to 65 gpm straight jet, 65 gpm attack jet (60°) and 65 gpm spray jet (120°).

When the head selector ring is pushed backward, the TWIN-ACTION is in the water position. When the ring is stretched forward, the nozzle is in the foam position.

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