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Long Range Thermal Imaging Camera

Long Range Thermal Imaging Camera

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Tempest TIC 4.3LR

Efficient and versatile because of its 3 action buttons, the Tempest Long Range TIC 4.3LR thermal imaging camera is particularly suitable for search and rescue.

Combined with its compact size (2.25 lbs), this TIC has all the important features for fire operations (5 coloring modes, Video recording, Photo shooting, Laser pointer, Zoom, etc.) It incorporates an ultra-sensitive infrared sensor (17μ Silicon Amorphous aSi 384 x 288), a germanium window to protect the internal electronics, and a wide-angle lens (H 40° V 51°).

Tempest Long Range TIC 4.3LR thermal imaging camera has the status of a search and rescue camera.

  • 4“ screen
  • Wide range of T°F: -40°F to +2100°F
  • Video, photo and still image recording
  • Fast start: <5 sec.
  • Batteries guaranteed for 6 years / 5000 cycles of charges
  • 5-year warranty camera & 10-year warranty sensor
  • 8h of battery life with 2 batteries
  • Germanium lens to protect optics

3 large-sized buttons for easy use with gloves that give access to functions ON/OFF, Zoom x2 x4, Coloring modes, Still image, Picture shooting, Video recording, Picture gallery, and Laser pointer.

3 coloring modes as standard: Fire, Search and Inverse + 2 optional coloring modes: Cold and Multicolor.

LiFePO4 batteries (Lithium Iron Phosphate) are differentiated from Lithium-Ion batteries. A LiFePO4 pack is more resistant to high temperatures (no emission of gas up to 284°F, no explosion).

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