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Long Range Thermal Imaging Camera

Long Range Thermal Imaging Camera

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Tempest TIC 3.1 LR

Efficient and simple because of its unique action button, Tempest TIC 3.1LR thermal imaging search camera is particularly suitable for any human search mission.

Compact, lightweight, and incorporating a wide range of temperature measurement (-40°F to +2100°F), it was designed for ease of use. Ideal for search operations, search for missing persons with ease.

Resistant to fire, robust, with germanium window to protect the internal electronics, using a wide-angle lens (H 40° V 51°) and an ultra-sensitive infrared sensor (17μ Silicon Amorphous aSi 384 x 288), Tempest TIC 4.1LR confirms its status of thermal imaging camera for fire & search.

  • Compact & lightweight: 2.2 lbs with 2 batteries
  • Large 3.5“ screen for detailed visibility
  • 2 long-range versions: the LR700 sees a human at 2297 ft or the LR1000 that can see a human out to 3280 ft away.
  • Housing available in two colors: Red or Dark Grey
  • Wide range of T°F: -40°F to +2100°F
  • 1 colorization mode
  • Picture Capture and/or video recording -Option-
  • Batteries: 6-year warranty, 5000 charging cycles
  • Safe batteries LiFePO4: No explosion at high-temperature operations
  • Up to 8h running time 2 batteries with Eco-Boost-System
  • Germanium window to protect the optics
  • 1 Large button and easy to operate even with gloves
  • Removable Pistol grip -Option-
  • Wireless transmission kit -Option-


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