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Majestic Fire Apparel, Inc

Halo 360 C6 Hood

Halo 360 C6 Hood

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  • Material


    • Color: Black
    • 65% Oxidized Polyacrylonitrile (OPF)/ 35% artificial tri-blend
    • Heat blocking layer which delays the transmission of heat
    • Helps neutralize smoke odors on the skin following fire ground exposures (odor control technology)
    • Fibers expand when exposed to flame, creating an oxygen-starved surface (self-extinguishing)



    • Color: Black
    • Single layer laminate layer utilizes proven flame-resistant fabrics
    • Integrated breathable particulate system
    • Knit next to skin layer wicks moisture away
    • Aids in comfort and temperature control
    • Virtually zero hearing interference

    • Highlights

       Protective hoods for structural fire fighting certified to NFPA 1971 (2018), including the Optional Limited Particulate Blocking Protection

      • 360 = Full Particulate coverage
      • Particulate layer throughout the entire hood, protecting all areas (refer to blue shaded areas in the picture)
      • Blocks over 99% of particulates throughout the
        entire hood
      • 23” length - 2 Layers
      • Universal size - Oversized to reduce heat stress
      • Contrast thread color for easy inspection
      • Extended head length
      • The double seam, comfort panel, sure-to-fit crown
      • Elastic nape of the neck for contoured fit while reducing bulk
      • Long notched shoulder bib
      • Heavy-duty elastic face opening
      • Laminate particulate blocking with next-to-skin knit wicks moisture away
      • Reflective logo


      Particulate layer throughout the entire hood, protecting all areas (refer to blue shaded areas in the picture)

      We Are Proud To Offer Top-Quality
      Firefighting Gear Nationwide

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