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Desert Diamond Industries

Fire Rescue Safety Blades

Fire Rescue Safety Blades

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The last thing you need to worry about is whether your blade will fail during a rescue. It's also the last thing you'll need to worry about when using Fire Rescue Safety Blades.

The Fire Rescue Safety Blade is made of solid steel (up to 14"), so it won't break and endanger your life like abrasive blades. It also cuts faster than abrasives, saving you time when it counts, and cuts more materials than welded blades, reducing the number of saws and blades that you have to carry to emergencies. The Fire Rescue Safety Blade is the best blade that you can buy for forcible entry, extrication, RIT and USAR.

The Fire Rescue Safety Blade is covered by our signature Life Time Operator Error Warranty, so you can confidently focus on saving lives without worrying about your blade losing segments, warping, wobbling, or cracking from normal use.

Fire Rescue Safety Blade Blade Benefits

  • Keeps Saw Operators Safe: Fire Rescue Safety Blades are made of solid steel (up to 14") to eliminate injuries and fatalities from shattering blades and segment loss.
  • Reduces Sparks: Fire Rescue Safety Blades generate 90% less sparks than abrasives during cutting.
  • Reduces Binding During Cuts: Fire Rescue Safety Blades' electroplated swirl design helps prevent binding because you can't waste time wrenching a blade out of a cut during an emergency.
  • Prevents Warping and Wobbling: Fire Rescue Safety Blades' Air Flow Technology helps dissipate heat during continuous use.
  • Reduces Health Insurance Costs and Lost Time: Fire Rescue Safety Blades won't generate hazardous dust during cutting, unlike abrasive blades.
  • Outlasts Abrasive Blades: You'll go through 150 good quality abrasive blades - costing $4 to $10 and totaling $600 to $1,500 - before you'll wear down just one of our Fire Rescue Safety Blades.
  • Ecologically Friendly: Fire Rescue Safety Blades are 100% recyclable steel, unlike abrasives, which are 100% waste.
  • Life Time Operator Error Warranty: Fire Rescue Safety Blades come with the most comprehensive warranty in the industry and are warrantied for life against any and all damages.

Fire Rescue Safety Blade Specifications

  • Segment Height: 0.315" (8mm)
  • Diamond Content: Up to 85% vacuum-brazed diamond
  • Segment Weld: Made of solid steel with no welded cutting segments (up to and including 14") or laser-welded to steel cores (16" and larger)
  • Wet/Dry Cutting: Can be used for both wet and dry cutting.

Fire Rescue Safety Blade Blades Have Been Successfully Proven On:

  • Metal braces.
  • Hardened locks and shackles.
  • Hockey puck locks.
  • Security gates
  • Chain link fence.
  • Car doors and bulletproof glass.
  • Galvanized steel guard rails.
  • Wood, drywall, 2x4s and plywood.
  • Stucco.
  • Concrete and rebar.

Who Uses Fire Rescue Safety Blade Blades?

  • Trusted by firefighters and USAR, RIT, SOC and forcible entry teams around the world.
  • #1 choice of fire departments in the United States and Canada.
  • Preferred blade of fire departments and training academies in North America.
  • Desert Diamond Industries is North America's largest diamond blade supplier to governmental agencies.

Life Time Operator Error Warranty

With over 20 years of experience in the diamond blade industry, we provide only the best products and services available. This is why we offer the only Life Time Operator Error Warranty in the industry... because if your blade breaks, you should not be left holding the bag.

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