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Brayden Pro CPR Training Manikin

Brayden Pro CPR Training Manikin

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CPR manikin with feedback for blood circulation, CPR quality, and compression indication

  • Intuitive app and feedback screens provide real-time CPR feedback, including hands-off time and ventilation performance
  • Sends live data to the Brayden Pro App via Bluetooth
  • Offers a timeline of assessed performance measured through 8 key CPR metrics for quantitative analysis and debriefing
  • Can be configured for AHA and ERC (2015) Guidelines
  • Can be set for differing responder skill levels, 1 or 2 responder scenarios, and ventilation only or compression only
  • Monitors up to 6 manikins
  • Bluetooth® link connects manikin to app on an Android tablet (not included), allowing data to be exported

 When the App is not being used,  three indicator lights let students and instructors know if procedures are being performed correctly:

  • Blood Circulation Indicators: lights change speed to reflect the blood flow in proportion to compression depth, aiding in visualizing the blood flow from the heart to the brain
  • CPR Quality Indicators: these only light when the compression depth and speed coincide correctly with the given default value
  • Compression Indicators: depending on the CPR quality, indicators will light partially or completely. Completely lit indicators indicate the procedure has been performed correctly, indicators are interrelated with the given default value of depth and compressions


  • Manikin
  • 10 face shields
  • 1 Lung
  • 6 Batteries for the unit
  • Carry bag
  • Instructions

1-year warranty

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