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Tempest Belt-Drive Power Blower

Tempest Belt-Drive Power Blower

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Features a Tempest exclusive belt-drive design which reduces engine wear, improves CFM performance and provides greater stability. The Tempest Belt-Drive Power BlowerTM is the original PPV fan and still the gold standard today. Offers industry-leading reliability, durability and performance.

  • Uniquely designed impellers deliver maximum air volume (CFM), velocity, and pressure from each Tempest Power Blower™. Every size and type of fan features a blade designed specifically for it to deliver the greatest performance possible. Composite blades are much safer than traditional metal blades as they are designed to disintegrate upon the impact of any foreign objects. Metal blades may fragment when integrity is compromised, potentially causing severe injury.
  • Every bend and cross brace weld is structurally engineered to increase the blower frame’s strength-to-weight ratio by as much as 30%. Welds eliminate the need to continuously maintain/tighten nuts and bolts. Its roll cage design gives protection to all angles and sides of the shroud and motor.
  • The exclusive frame design makes it convenient to lift, carry, and transport. Numerous points on the frame double as lifting/carrying handles. The design itself is the result of three decades of testing, research, and experience to create the most ergonomic platform possible.
  • No levers to set or knobs to tighten when setting the angle for PPV/PPA. Foot-operated adjustment is quick, easy, and secure. Allows for up to 5 (4 on 16” models) tilt positions: -5°, 0°, +5°, +10°, +15°
  • The Tempest Belt-Drive positive pressure ventilation fans were designed with two major goals in mind. The first was to keep the engine at the lowest center of gravity as possible. Doing so greatly reduces the amount of vibration produced by the fan and guarantees it will not “walk”. Secondly, the belt/pulley system allows Tempest engineers to maximize the RPM’s at the blade, optimizing CFM output. The Belt-Drive has been categorized as the “Cadillac” of PPV fans.
  • Gasoline-powered fans offer the highest CFM performance available. Ranging anywhere from 4.8 to 8.5 HP, these positive pressure ventilation fans are recommended for the implementation of a Positive Pressure Attack (PPA) in residential structures.
  • Extra-wide 8″ off-road non-pneumatic tires are more durable and allow easy movement up and down stairs, over curbs, and large diameter hoses, as well as through rough or muddy terrain. No brakes to forget to lock down or unlock. The positive pressure ventilation fan rests on firm, anti-vibration rubber feet for stability. “Walking” or movement of the blower while in operation is eliminated. The risk of getting clothing in PPV fan blades while kneeling to set brake levers is eliminated.
  • By redesigning the inward curve and front of the shroud, the Turbo 2000 increases air velocity by up to 30%. The air hitting the ventilation opening is stronger and maintains PPV pressure farther downwind.
  • No levers to set or knobs to tighten when setting the angle for PPV. Foot-operated adjustment is quick, easy, and secure. The dual step allows for adjustment with either foot. Four back and one forward tilt position.
  • Front and rear safety grilles feature a continuous spun wire body with eight tie-point bars that also support the “Turbo 2000” shroud integrity. Meets strict European CE Safety Standards.
  • Features a large section of durable, reflective material to dramatically increase the visibility of the blower from the front view and a full list of instructions on the back to allow for safe and effective use.

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