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Battle Fogger Machine

Battle Fogger Machine

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An effective fogging machine with cutting-edge technology. Offers much more for far less than any other machine in its class. Attractive warranties and high durability make this product a great choice for fogging machines.

Impressive Output - Huge, continuous fog output (30%-40% more fog than its G100 predecessor) from a re-engineered heat exchanger.

Design Ingenuity - A simple yet extremely effective fog machine incorporating a large heating block, a powerful whisper-quiet pump, and Rapid Change Technology.

Services and Reliability - A one-year warranty on all parts and services, a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger, and the industry's best after-sale service.

Attractive Durability - A large one-gallon integrated fluid tank prevents leaks and drips, a special hammer-tone finish resists scratches and wear, and a built-in handle balances off a sleek, rugged chassis.

Unbeatable Value - Comes standard with a 25ft. Deluxe remote, an onboard microprocessor, and a spare replacement Rapid Change Rebuild Kit, all for much less than any other machine in its class.

Features & Benefits:

  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Continuous Fog Output
  • Heavy Duty Power Coated Chassis
  • Electro-Mechanical Over Temperature Protection
  • One Gallon "No Leak" Integrated Fluid Reservoir
  • New Rapid-Change Heat Exchanger Design
  • Includes a Rapid Change Replacement Kit
  • Illuminated Fog Ready Switch on the Remote
  • Includes Full Function Timer Remote Control
  • New RJ45 Neutrik Connection with 25' Cable

  • Road Case
  • Remote Extension Cable
  • Truss Hanging Bracket

    Integrated Fluid Reservoir 1 Gallon
    Net Weight
    25 lbs.
    Shipping Weight
    30 lbs.
    Net Weight with Fluid
    35 lbs.
    Heater Watts
    1200 Watts

    Run Time
    Cubic Ft/Min (burst)
    7560 @ 1-meter visibility
    Cubic Ft/Min (continuous)
    4200 @ 1-meter visibility

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