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Here at Fire & EMS, LLC., we want to make sure we put the best firefighting tools and products on our site.  In doing so, we source many of our products from current and former firefighters and EMS personnel.  We take the motto, “For us, by us,” very seriously, and that can be shown in many of the products on our site right now. 

In addition to our commitment, “For us, by us,” we also share an equally strong commitment to cancer prevention within the fire service.  Fire & EMS, LLC. has partnered with multiple companies to bring you quality products that work to help prevent exposure to cancer-causing carcinogens that firefighters face daily.  Some of these products are also made “For us, by us.”

Denko Foam

Founded in 1977, Denko foam is the largest manufacturer of foam in the United States, with over 500 dealers across the country.  One of the products they offer is Turn Out Clean.  Turn Out Clean is a biodegradable product designed to clean turn-out gear in an easy, safe, and inexpensive way. It is used on all fabrics from which contemporary firefighting apparel is made. This includes Nomex, PBI and Kevlar, as well as trim materials like Reflexite or Scotchlite. Turn Out Clean is also great for helmets, boots, face shields and other accessories.  Great for quick on-scene decontamination, Turn Out Clean was designed with simplicity in mind. Just spray it on, let it sit for a moment, then rinse it off. What we like to see, just before leaving the fire scene, is a firefighter grabbing a bottle of Turn Out Clean with a spray top and spraying his buddy. Passing the bottle, he, in turn, spraying his buddy and so on down the line. When they're finished, go back to the first person, rinsing him off with a booster line and then rinsing the others. When they get back to the firehouse, they take the gear off and hang it up to dry. That's it! And the hydrocarbons are left where they came from.

Safer Straps

Safer Straps was started by a firefighter out of Florida. They are a first responder family dedicated to reducing the unnecessary risks firefighters take while they serve the community they love. They believe in taking a detailed look at the current equipment used in the fire service and, through cutting-edge science and research partnerships, better identify what adaptive changes we need to make as an industry to ultimately help firefighters live long into a healthy retirement.  One of the things that they have tackled head-on is the use of leather radio straps and radio buckets.  Leather soaks in carcinogens each time it is used.  Although firefighters may wipe down these products, they can never truly fully decontaminate them.  The Safer Strap is 100% waterproof, thermal encapsulated to prevent intrusion of potential hazards, has heat resistance up to 310 degrees Fahrenheit, and contains an internal webbing with a break strength of 1000 lbs.  Not only do Safer Strap radio straps and radio buckets help prevent the absorption of contaminates, but the material they are made of makes it easier to decontaminate through wipe down or by washing.  It is one of our top-quality firefighting tools. This is an awesome company and one that Fire & EMS, LLC. is proud to be a partner with.   

Taylor's Tins

Taylor’s Tins is a metal helmet shield manufacturer started in Missouri by a veteran firefighter.  Their metal helmet fronts will not burn up or absorb contaminants like their leather counterparts.  This makes for a shield that will last for a long time and is easy to clean.  With a variety of sizes and styles, Taylor’s Tins are customizable to make any firefighter proud to wear them.  Stop burning up leather and start wearing Tylor’s Tins while helping change the culture of the fire department. 

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As Fire & EMS, LLC continues to grow; we will add additional products and product lines that meet our standards of quality and efficiency.  If you have suggestions on products that you think we should add, let us know.  We would be happy to look at them.
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