Next Generation Supply Hose: BullDog Hose Co.’s Hi-Vol TPU™

Next Generation Supply Hose: BullDog Hose Co.’s Hi-Vol TPU™

If you’re looking for the next generation in supply hose for the fire service, look no further than BullDog Hose Company’s Hi-Vol TPU™.  Manufactured entirely at the BullDog Hose plant in Angier, North Carolina, USA, Hi-Vol TPU is one tough product engineered for the rigors of fire ground duty!

So, what’s TPU? As the acronym for thermoplastic polyurethane, this is the core material from which this special formulation of Hi-Vol® supply hose is manufactured.

As with many other BullDog Hose products, Hi-Vol TPU™ is manufactured with a unique extruded through-the-weave process that — combined with the material characteristics of TPU — provides superior abrasion resistance, less weight, and exceptional UV, ozone, and chemical resistance.  All these contribute to an incredibly durable supply hose that meets the critical demands of North American fire departments!

Available in 4-inch and 5-inch diameters, Hi-Vol TPU’s construction delivers an ultra-smooth inner liner that minimizes friction loss and improves overall water flow performance. This same smoothness applies to the exterior of the hose as well; therefore, it has excellent deployment and retrieval characteristics. Ultimately, Hi-Vol TPU™ packs exceptionally well with fire apparatus and this translates to less valuable space consumed in the fire truck’s hose bed.

For excellent visibility and safety on the fire ground, Hi-Vol TPU™ is available in lime-yellow and orange colors. This enables your crews — as well as those that may assist in mutual aid scenarios — to have clear line of sight with this large diameter supply hose once it is deployed.

In terms of Hi-Vol TPU™ coupled sections, you can source 25-foot; 50-foot; and 100-foot sections from BullDog Hose Company. Plus, with our U.S. Coupling operation in Dothan, Alabama, we can readily supply the Storz couplings that you may demand.

Backed by BullDog Hose Company’s 10-Year Municipal Fire Hose Warranty, you not only have the peace of mind of daily performance but the confidence that Hi-Vol TPU™ is factory-supported for years to come. That’s really important with so much at stake! The last thing you want to worry about is the performance of your supply line at a fire!

BullDog Hose is available from Fire and EMS, LLC.  Call 404-905-1000 today for a quote or with questions.

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