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National Fire Prevention Week

The week of October 9th through October 15th, 2022 marks the 100-year anniversary of National Fire Prevention Week.  Since 1922, the NFPA has sponsored Fire Prevention Week, making it the longest-running public health observance in the United States.  This week is a great opportunity for children, adults, and teachers to learn how to stay safe in case of a fire.  Across the country, firefighters will be providing lifesaving public education in an effort to drastically reduce casualties caused by fires. 


Fire Prevention Week is observed the same week every year in commemoration of the great Chicago Fire that began on October 8, 1871, and caused catastrophic damage, killing 250 people, leaving over 100,000 homeless, and destroying more than 17,400 structures.  You can watch a short history of the Chicago Fire from NFPA here.  


The importance of fire prevention should not be taken lightly.  In a fire, mere seconds can mean the difference between escaping safely or a tragedy happening.  Fire safety education isn’t just for children but can make a difference for teenagers, adults, and our senior population.  It’s important to that everyone take some time during this week to make sure they understand how to stay safe in case of fire.  The National Fire Protection Association has created resources available to the public for use in educating themselves and others on many topics involving fire safety and prevention.  They can be found at


Some of the discussion topics on include having a fire escape plan and installation of Smoke alarms.  A fire escape plan is a vital part of your home safety plan.  Everyone knowing multiple ways to get out of the house from different areas of the home, along with a designated meeting place, helps to ensure everyone gets out safely in case of a fire. Check out this video from National Fire Prevention Association on creating a fire escape plan.  


Smoke Alarms can sense smoke long before you can and will alert you to danger.  Smoke alarms should be in every bedroom, in the hallway, and on each level of your home.  Make sure your alarm is listed with a testing laboratory and has met certain standards for protection. The best protection is provided with multiple alarms interconnected throughout the home.  When one detects smoke and activates, they all then activate, ensuring that you hear the alarm no matter where you are in the house. 


Fire & EMS, LLC. fully supports the efforts of the National Fire Protection Association and all the Firefighters and Fire Educators across the nation that are working hard to provide the necessary knowledge and training to people of all ages on planning for and getting out of house fires safely.  Be sure to check out our line of Smoke alarms and Carbon Monoxide alarms at Fire and EMS, LLC and get what you need to keep your home and family safe from a fire. 


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