Going to Great Heights with BullDog Hose Company Hi-Power™ Interior Attack Hose

Going to Great Heights with BullDog Hose Company Hi-Power™ Interior Attack Hose

When answering the call in a high-rise structure (residential or commercial), your optimal firehose for this application is BullDog Hose Company’s Hi-Power™ product.  Because high-rise firefighting has unique tactical requirements, you need a firehose ideally suited for this scenario and Hi-Power™ delivers!

Engineered for the extreme, Hi-Power™ is an ultra-lightweight, maneuverable, nitrile-rubber hose designed specifically for fighting fires in tall buildings.  The lightweight, through-the-weave construction is heat, puncture, and kink resistant – all critical requirements for this firefighting mission!  More specifically, Hi-Power™ is protected from catastrophic bursts, even with a 1/2” diameter hole through both the jacket and liner.  That’s the toughness needed with the risk of potential falling debris!

With low friction loss (especially compared to conventional woven-jacketed hose) for maximum firefighting performance, Hi-Power’s rubber cover prevents water from penetrating the hose reinforcement thus minimizing the weight of the hose when in service.  There’s no doubt less weight is most important when carrying firehose to greater heights!

Made with a nitrile/PVC rubber cover, Hi-Power™ is protected from exposure to water and contamination by most chemical substances, hydrocarbons, oils, and grease.  That makes cleaning and storage easier – all particularly important for removing potential harmful materials.

This same nitrile-rubber cover eliminates additional weight issues caused by water pick up during use and greatly increases abrasion resistance, providing a long service life.  That’s a sound payback for your firehose investment!

ULC Listed in 1.5-inch; 1.75-inch; and 2-inch diameters, Hi-Power (as well as other BullDog interior attack and supply hose) is 100% manufactured at our Angier, North Carolina headquarters.

With unparalleled design and hose manufacturing expertise, backed by a 10-Year Municipal Fire Hose Warranty (see warranty for details), you can be assured the best firehose is truly made in the USA by BullDog Hose Company’s dedicated staff.

For more information on Hi-Power™, visit  BullDog Hose Company today.  Alternatively, contact Fire and EMS, LLC, your authorized BullDog Hose distributor or email team@fireandems.com.

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