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EMS medical bags are a necessity for any pre-hospital emergency care provider.  Every year more and more responsibility is being place on EMS workers to provide additional services and as more situations arise (covid), those same workers are being asked to carry more and more equipment with them to each call.  If you don't have the proper bags to store and transport your existing equipment with room to expand for added services then it makes the job even more difficult.  

EMT Tackle Box - Plano (Orange & White) - A-1 Medical Integration


Many of your "old-timers" remember the tackle-box of doom.  This beast weighed a ton, didn't have a strap and was limited in what it could carry.  It was absolute nightmare to work out of.  This definitely made the job a little more difficult.  As soft bags started to be manufactured, departments started navigating away from the tackle-box.  Straps and easy to use designs made the soft cases popular among those in the industry.  A good design can help deliver quicker, better care.  

So how do we know what kind of bags that we need? We must consider what we are carrying and what equipment we can combine in the same bag with each other.  With equipment like O2 Tanks, BVM, Airway Equipment, IV Needles and Fluids, Bleeding Control, Trauma Packs, and Drugs, choosing a bag can be overwhelming.  

Before purchasing bags for your entire department, you should try them out.  Purchase one, or call your local rep and have them send a demo bag to you.  This way you can stock it, feel the weight, check the ease of access and make sure that there is room for future equipment.  Is it going to be big enough to combine different equipment so that you are not carrying more bags than you need.  You want to make sure that the zippers are easily opened and that the things that you you use most often fit where you need them to fit for ease of access.  

You also want to make sure the quality of bag is one that will last.  Check out the seams and make sure they are strong.  Will the bottom of the bag last getting in and out of the apparatus and is it water proof?  Look at the strap mounts and make sure they are reinforced so as to not break when bag is most likely overstuffed by the overeager new guy.  

Once you find a couple of bags that you think will work, make sure you get feedback from line personnel.  After all these are the men and women that will be using the bags and there may be things that they think of that you had not even considered.  Once you come to an agreement then move to purchase your new bags.  

Fire & EMS, LLC. carries EMS bags and EMS equipment from R & B Fabrications.  For almost 50 years R & B Fabrications have been setting the industry standard with innovative design and high quality workmanship.  Their emergency medical bags are well designed, high quality and practical.  You can find a variety of EMS Bags from R & B Fabrications here at https://fireandems.com.  These emergency medical equipment bags come in different sizes, colors, and configurations from Tactical Bags, Urban Rescue Packs, Drug Bags and Emergency Medical Equipment Bags.  Whatever your departments needs are, we have something that will meet your needs. 

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