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Laerdal® Suction Unit with Disposable Bemis Canister

Laerdal® Suction Unit with Disposable Bemis Canister

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The Laerdal® Suction Unit (LSU) is a portable, powerful, and highly reliable suction unit designed for optimal preparation in emergency situations.

  • Runs quietly
  • Shock- and splash-proof design
  • One-hand grip design
  • Can reach a vacuum of 500+ mmHg and has a flow rate of >30 LPM, exceeding international standards
  • Built-in suction indicator, with color coding, to help ensure the correct vacuum strength is selected for children
  • Display shows the status of power, suction indicator, external power, battery level, vacuum indicator, and failure mode
  • The new coaxial vacuum tube is reverse compatible and can be used on any LSU configuration
  • The canister Lid contains a shut-off valve that shuts off the vacuum if the canister is full, protecting your unit
  • Powered and charged with an AC or DC power cord
  • The BEMIS HI-FLOW Canister has a Bacterial Filter – 99.99% DOP rated
  • An automatic power-save function that switches off the pump motor when vacuum levels have been continuously higher than 120mmHg for 2 minutes
  • It can be equipped with a coaxial vacuum tube with an inline high-efficiency filter
  • All units delivered as of May 2017 come equipped with the coaxial vacuum tube connector on the main unit
  • Rechargeable NiMH battery
  • The test button activates a 4-step test to identify whether the LSU operates satisfactorily, is assembled correctly, or if it needs service


  • Suction Unit
  • AC And DC Cords
  • Disposable Canister and Patient Tubing
  • Battery
  • Vacuum Tubing
  • Directions for Use

5-year warranty

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