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Laerdal® ShockLink System

Laerdal® ShockLink System

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Rhythm generator and defibrillation training tool compatible with virtually any training manikin 

Laerdal’s ShockLink™ System works with virtually any manikin on the market as a rhythm generator and as a defibrillation training tool, as it absorbs the shock delivered by the defibrillator.

  • The device connects with adhesive training pads on one end and to a defibrillator in the other end. Manikins do not require studs or defibrillation cables to connect to the defibrillator.
  • Recognition of pad placement with Laerdal Link Technology
  • The heart rhythms generated by the ShockLink™ unit are independent of the type of manikin available. The heart rhythms are selected via the remote control (included as part of the system), so there is no real interaction between the manikin used and the defibrillator. Heart rhythms simulated include: sinus, VT slow, VT fast, SVT, VF, PEA, asystole, and brady
  • If used with the Little Anne® AED manikin, it allows for automatic recognition of pad placement. If the pads are correctly placed on Little Anne®, the training scenario continues automatically without the need of the instructor to select “ok” pad placement on the remote control.
  • When using the Resusci Anne® QCPR AED manikin and SimPad®, ShockLink™’s remote control is no longer needed. Heart rhythms are available now through SimPad® SkillReporter™. In addition, the heart rhythm selected and the shock delivered during the training session will be captured automatically in the SimPad®’s Timeline.
  • Works directly with the following AEDs:
    • Philips defibrillators MRx or FR
    • Adapters needed for other brands: ZOLL Adapter #05‐10100 works with these models: 1200, 1400, 1600, M Basic, M ACLS Plus, M Universal, M Universal Plus. Physio adapter #05‐10000 works with these models: LIFEPAK® 12, LIFEPAK® 15, LIFEPAK® 20, LIFEPAK® 500, LIFEPAK® 1000.


  • ShockLink™ unit
  • Remote control
  • Training pads
  • AAA battery
  • DFU 

The training pads that are included are the only ones to be used when using ShockLink™. They are for training, not for clinical use.

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