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Life/form® CPARLENE® Full-Size Manikin with Heartisense® - Light Skin

Life/form® CPARLENE® Full-Size Manikin with Heartisense® - Light Skin

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Full-body CPR manikin with real-time feedback and a realistic interface.

  • Enables accurate and effective training and assessment
  • It consists of apps and a sensor kit that can be attached to a manikin currently lacking a CPR feedback function
  • Works with all manufacturers of CPR trainers
  • Provides real-time feedback and a realistic interface
  • Perform compressions, ventilations, or both
  • Control up to 6 manikins at a time
  • Digitally saves all training and assessment data
  • Online LMS available


  • Full-size adult manikin
  • Long-sleeve jacket and pants
  • 5 sanitary masks
  • 10 disposable lower airways
  • 10 disposable tracheal airways,
  • 10 white fittings
  • Hard carry case with wheels
  • Heartisense™ Kit
    • Premium compression pad
    • Control module
    • Breath module
    • Breath module holder (A, B) punch
    • Punch guide
    • Battery (1.5V AA)
    • Quick user guide
    • Heartisense™ student* and instructor* apps

*Student app runs on Andriod™ or Apple® tablet/phone and instructor app runs on iPad® or Andriod™ tablet (iPad®, Andriod™, and Apple® tablet/phone not included).

5-year warranty (manikin)

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