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Leader STOP fire blanket

Leader STOP fire blanket

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Leader STOP fire blanket is a simple and efficient solution to control a vehicle fire when it is just beginning! It helps smother the incipient fire by depriving it of oxygen, strongly reduces the emissions of toxic and opaque fumes preventing another accident from occurring, and prevents the spread of fire to other vehicles.

Very flexible and large format 48 sq m., it easily covers any type of car.

Easily deployed by two people, the fire blanket should stay in place at least 20 minutes to ensure complete fire suppression. The removal of the fire blanket must be done by firefighters previously warned.
It does not require any maintenance or upkeep.

  • Leader STOP fire blanket of 517 sq ft. is designed to extinguish an incipient car fire, an industrial machine fire or a metal garbage container fire.
  • Made of silicone glass fiber, the Leader STOP fire blanket withstands extreme temperatures, thus retaining its “oxygen deprivation” function.
  • Leader STOP fire blanket allows rapid intervention to prevent flash-over and spreading of the fire to other vehicles pending the arrival of firefighters. Placed near at-risk zones with a high concentration of vehicles (car parks, car ferries, motorway toll plazas, etc.), Leader STOP is easy to use.
  • It is quickly deployed by two people.
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