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CPR Taylor® - Light Skin

CPR Taylor® - Light Skin

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Breathe new life into your CPR training with WorldPoint Products® CPR Taylor®!

Represent real-world diversity and provide modern training reflective of real people with the first-ever 3-in-1 CPR training manikin. Train CPR on an adult male, adult female, and a child – on one compact & portable manikin! CPR Taylor® is ideal for adding realism to your training. Available in 2 skin tones and diversity pack options so you can better represent your community in your training.

  • Hygienic & lifelike breathing system:
    • Unique & functional nose
    • Mouth & airway system contains a built-in one-way valve
    • Pair with a one-way filter CPR mask and/or BVM for hygienic training
    • Can be disinfected & re-used
    • Semi-disposable lung bags can be safely used multiple times, saving time and money
  • Wireless CPR Feedback Monitor:
    • Easily pairs with CPR Taylor® to offer CPR feedback on compression rate, depth, and recoil
    • Standard mode: feedback is visible during practice; view the test report after the session ends
    • Blind mode: feedback is not visible during practice; view test report after the session ends
    • Test report after training available for standard mode and blind mode; get your score out of 100% 10 seconds after the practice session has finished.
  • 3-in-1 manikin
    • Easily train CPR on an adult male, adult female or child with CPR Taylor®, the all-in-one training solution reflective of real people


  • 3-in-1: train CPR on an adult male, adult female, and child with one manikin!
  • Fast & easy to set up
  • Realistic anatomical landmarks
  • Exclusive breathing system with a functional nose
  • Jaw thrust maneuver-capable
  • Vinyl and latex-free face
  • The wireless monitor provides 2020 AHA guideline-compliant CPR feedback
  • Standard mode
  • Blind mode
  • Full test report
  • Compact and lightweight, at only 4.85 lbs. with male chest skin

CPR Taylor® includes:

  • 1 CPR Taylor® adult/child manikin
  • 1 female chest skin
  • 1 male chest skin
  • 5 lung bags
  • 2 mouth & airway systems
  • 1 wireless CPR feedback monitor
  • 2 head locking clips
  • 1 transport bag
  • 9-volt batteries
  • User manual

3-year warranty

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