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Ambu® King Vision™ aBlade™ - 20 Pack

Ambu® King Vision™ aBlade™ - 20 Pack

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Disposable infant-sized blades for the Ambu King Vision™ Video Laryngoscope

Pack of 20 disposable blades for the Ambu King Vision™ Video Laryngoscope

The King Vision aBlade system offers a complete range of video adapters and disposable blades (two blade types that allow users to keep their preferred technique in terms of tube delivery) for a wide range of patients. This allows you to have one solution to cover your intubation cases from infants to adults, whether in the OR, ICU or ER. The King Vision aBlade solution can also be implemented in the prehospital setting for Emergency Services. The disposable blades allow for economical use of the King Vision for most of your intubations and eliminate concerns of cross-contamination.

Each blade comes individually packaged.

Size recommendation:

  • For infants and children, the small video adapter 1-2 and associated blades are indicated:
    • aBlade size 1 (Infant patients <4 years)*
    • aBlade size 2+2C (Child patients 1–10 years)*
  • For larger children and adults, the large video adapter 3-4 and associated blades are indicated:
    • aBlade size 3+3C (Children >5 years and Adults)*

* Size ranges are based on teeth-to-vallecula data for the given ages, tracheal tube sizing recommendations and actual experience. A medical professional must evaluate on a patient-by-patient basis.

Blades are available as standard or channeled.

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